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Welcome to WipEout Future !

Hello, and welcome to WipEout Future, a fansite about the WipEout universe.
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So, what is WipEout Future ?

  • a huge resource of content, and media : wallpapers, videos, artwork and more !
  • a great place to share records and find challenging players for online races
  • a place to share screenshots : take pictures with WipEout's Photo mode and share them here!
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WipEout Future: Grand Opening!

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By Vince4x4, on 09/02/11 at 4:36pm

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Hi everybody and welcome!

Here begins WipEout Future with a news post which will be, of course, a little special as it marks the very beginning of the website.

What we've done so far...

For the opening of the website, we forward a complete content in two languages, French and English. It covers the whole universe which is developed in the last games released on Sony consoles, Pure, Pulse, HD and the upcoming, WipEout 2048.

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Thus, you will find everything which is related to each game, that is to say weapons, game modes, tracks, teams and also screenshots, musics, wallpapers and videos... A whole program which is available through the two menus on the left side, Games and Multimedia.

What we would like to do...

On the latest consoles, WipEout acquired an online multiplayer component. A great opportunity for the community formed around the series to meet and share new challenges. What we would like to offer first with this website, is some sort of hub for all WipEout fan, a place supplying a complete content and also a place to share.

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Therefore, we've made available numerous tools to all :
- Forums to discuss about games... and everything else
- Record leaderboards available for each game on the site
- The screenshot gallery which allows you to share pictures you have made with photo mode
- Events which helps members in organizing races, tournaments and other meetings online (on the page of each game)

A whole panel of options which will be available after a very short sign-up.

So, the whole staff wishes you a good visit and hope to see you soon on our forums.

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